The Terrybrook Project began when a rookie police officer in Charlotte, NC was tasked with cleaning up a neighborhood in her response area.  The task was pretty simple, get a fence built at the local high school and get the vacant houses in the area boarded up. On Saturday, June 14, 2014 with the help of volunteers, donations and services we went to Terrybrook Lane, cleaned up garbage, planted gardens, removed graffiti and cleaned up trees, this event was the start of a new friendship with the people of Terrybrook and the greater community.   The nonprofit was created to give new opportunities and experiences to the children in the community. That project which started out with ten kids on one street, now has close to 100 kids through four programs reaching across the city.  Each year our team looks to build and strenghten our village to spread kindness and inspire our youth to reach and grab hold of their dreams!  


Every child has a dream for their future.  Some dreams come with additional obstacles, either because of one’s own actions and/or choices or some are embedded, hidden or deterrent, both possibilities have the power to stifle the knowledge, confidence and opportunity for children to chase after their dreams.


The mission of the TERRYBROOK PROJECT is to strengthen the community we serve by pouring into Charlotte youth through education, sports and mentorship; building lasting and supportive relationships; breaking down social, economic and racial barriers; opening doors to new ideas and experiences and giving youth the tools necessary to fulfil their dreams and have a healthy and promising future.


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