The Terrybrook Project began when a rookie officer with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police department was tasked with cleaning up a neighborhood in her response area.  The task was pretty simple, get a fence built at the local high school and get the vacant houses in the area boarded up.  After spending time in the area, observing the residents, the living conditions, the calls for service and the children that small project turned into somthing much bigger.  On Saturday, June 14, 2014 with the help of volunteers, donations and services we went to Terrybrook Lane, cleaned up garbage, planted gardens, removed graffiti and cleaned up trees, this event was the start of a new friendship with the people of Terrybrook and the greater community.  It doesn't end there...  Since the clean up officers and volunteers have come out to work with the children, we have had movie nights to engage the community, taken the kids to the mountains ,the beach, various local events and are now beginning a mentoring program with Garinger High School student athletes throughout the school year.  We have great hope that this new friendship and outreach with the youth here will bring back hope and positivity to the area, so everyone not just the children have an opportunity to prosper.    


The mission of the TERRYBROOKPROJECT is to provide the children in the communities we serve opportunities for success by opening doors to various resources; breaking down social, economic and racial barriers; assisting in educational, housing, nutritional and medical needs, ensuring those needs are met and by building a strong foundation between the children, the families and the greater community to establish a positive bond necessary for a happy, healthy, peaceful and promising future.

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