After local playwright and producer Rory Sheriff watched a video of our 2018 Camp Fusion Girls singing and dancing at camp he invited them to one of his plays, Eclipsed, a story about Liberian women during the Liberian Civil War.  All 24 of our girls were invited, only six came.  The girls loved the play and all said they wanted to keep doing stuff like this- The Treka Project was forged!

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The Treka Project got it's name from one of the most amazing people in this world, Treka McMillian. Treka, a former DI college athlete as well as a DI and WNBA women's basketball coach constantly displays true compassion and humanity, she is selfless and an inspiration to any one that has the opportunity to meet her. After our first year with the girls we chose to expand and opened it up to all of the girls that particpated in Camp Fusion.  We wanted to not only offer unique opportunities to these young ladies but we wanted to help build strong, compassionate, fearless, selfless and amazing young women.  



                                "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."- Eleanor Roosevelt